VDSPlanet — project operating since 2008

KVM VDS VPS plans in the Netherlands NL and Italy IT
Our server cluster is operating in RAID 10 configuration with NVMe and SSD storage.

Plan Name CPU Core RAM SSD/NVMe IP Bandwidth Panel Order
Mercury Mercury 1 core 1 Gb 10 Gb 1 IPv4 / IPv6 VMmanager
Mars Mars 1 core 2 Gb 20 Gb 1 IPv4 / IPv6 VMmanager
Venus Venus 1 core 3 Gb 30 Gb 1 IPv4 / IPv6 VMmanager
Earth Earth 2 cores 4 Gb 40 Gb 1 IPv4 / IPv6 VMmanager
Neptune Neptune 2 cores 5 Gb 50 Gb 1 IPv4 / IPv6 VMmanager
Uranus Uranus 2 cores 6 Gb 60 Gb 1 IPv4 / IPv6 VMmanager
Saturn Saturn 3 cores 8 Gb 80 Gb 1 IPv4 / IPv6 VMmanager

VDSPlanet Service Facts

  • All Servers are NVMe and SSD Raid 10 (hardware) based
  • VDSPlanet is operating under a US firm
  • VDSPlanet provides VDS/VPS services with root credentials. This guarantees full access to the server with the highest permission level.
  • Ability to install Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS) or FreeBSD on your VDS VPS
  • Full access to our 24/7 support
  • Fully automated service order and setup
  • Premium Dell and SuperMicro server hardware
  • VMmanager control panel access. Reinstall/Reboot/Statistics.
  • You are guaranteed to have the latest software installed since the start of the service. We are using Kickstart.
  • Ability to use our DNS - DNS1.GIGEDNS.NET и DNS2.GIGEDNS.NET. (Available only with ISPmanager)

VDSPlanet — hosting provider of KVM VDS VPS servers in Italy and the Netherlands with ISPmanager control panel.