VDSPlanet — project operating since 2008

VDSPlanet Service Facts

  • All Servers are NVMe and SSD Raid 10 (hardware) based
  • VDSPlanet is operating under a US firm
  • VDSPlanet provides VDS/VPS services with root credentials. This guarantees full access to the server with the highest permission level.
  • Ability to install Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS) or FreeBSD on your VDS VPS
  • Full access to our 24/7 support
  • Fully automated service order and setup
  • Premium Dell and SuperMicro server hardware
  • VMmanager control panel access. Reinstall/Reboot/Statistics.
  • You are guaranteed to have the latest software installed since the start of the service. We are using Kickstart.
  • Ability to use our DNS - DNS1.GIGEDNS.NET и DNS2.GIGEDNS.NET. (Available only with ISPmanager)

VDSPlanet — hosting provider of KVM VDS VPS servers in Italy and the Netherlands with ISPmanager control panel.